During 2017 WISC will host three workshops, aimed at covering more deeply some of the topics covered during breakout sessions of our 2016 symposium, Women & Money, Beyond the Numbers. Regardless of your age, of whether you are a full-time employee, an artist, self-employed or retired, join us to consider your specific circumstances, gain new skills, and create a plan to set and achieve your goals.

WISC is responding to feedback and interest from participants in previous programs on Women and Money and Women in the Arts by providing this opportunity to spend more time with experienced professionals and acquire tools to make better career, money and life decisions. We aim at giving you tools to learn your value, make money choices, negotiate for better outcomes when you sell your art or make career and job decisions, and rethink your skills, job and life choices.

Each session will begin with a discussion of the issues and definition of terms, then move into exercises aimed at clarifying concepts. Participants will break out into small groups to work on a series of questions and exercises, then reconvene to share the collective wisdom from the group discussions. Participants will leave with resources, tools and suggestions for continued self-directed learning.


Saturday, May 6, 2017 – 9am to 11:30am
With Christina Bruce
Management Coach and Leadership Development Consultant

Do you deserve a raise? Do you want to set a fair price for your art work with clients or collectors? Do you and your partner disagree on where to live?

What does it take to seek mutual benefit while maintaining healthy professional and personal relationships? Negotiation! Many of us, especially many women, shy away from the conflict inherent in negotiation and avoid necessary conversations. But that approach only postpones conflict, can lead us to doubt our own value, and the value of our work, and it cedes our power to others.

This workshop will explore the nuances of successful negotiation, including recognizing your value, the value of your work and deciding on the best approach to negotiating for what you want. We will consider power, resources and risk, and will talk about emotional intelligence and how what you bring to the negotiation impacts the outcome.



Saturday, June 10, 2017 – 9am to 11:30am
With Jacquette Timmons
President and CEO, Sterling Investment Management

How do you feel about the decisions you make with your money? Do your money choices best serve your life goals? What do your earning, spending and saving choices reveal about your relationship to money and the people you share it with?

We make decisions and choices about what role money plays in our lives every day. Sometimes these decisions are made intentionally and strategically. Many times, however, our choices are made reactively and are steeped in survival mode.

In this workshop, we will work with a three-part framework designed to help you make more intentional choices for you and your family. Whether your goal is to save more, invest better, spend more wisely or earn more, this session will give you concrete and personal action steps you can apply for better decision making every time. The workshop experience will help you approach money decisions holistically, by exploring the intricate, overlapping circles of self, family and the larger community with regard to money. You will walk away with new (or enhanced) skills that will help you make smarter choices with your money.



Saturday, July 8, 2017 – 9am to 11:30am
With Catherine A. Allen
CEO of The Santa Fe Group, Corporate and Non-Profit Director

What are you passionate about? What are your skill sets and how can they be best utilized? How can you reinvent yourself? What changes do you need in your life?

The complex world we live in requires that we rethink our careers and reinvent ourselves throughout our lives. To navigate our work worlds and improve the quality of our lives, it’s helpful to recognize our passions, joys and strengths and be able to articulate what we bring to our employers, our clients and our communities.

In this workshop, participants will explore how to rethink their skills and experiences in order to plan for a better career and life. Whether you are starting out or starting over, you will explore how to identify, build and market your skill sets, understand workplace cultures, and utilize your contacts. You will learn how to position yourself and to set yearly goals and identify what resources and mentors will help you meet them. You will leave this session with different perspectives, the tools to make a difference in your life and will learn how to make a plan to make it happen.