WISC is excited to announce the 2017 Summer and Fall Fellows:

Chad Alligood, Curator, Crystal Bridges Museum of Art
Chad will work on a monograph of Judy Chicago’s early minimal and feminist work.
February 2017

Alesandra Zsiba, Educator
Alesandra will collaborate with the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture and the Santa Fe Public Schools to empower and illuminate vocies of Indigenous New Mexican young people.
The Identity Project
February 2017

Jenny Price, public writer, artist, Environmental Historian
Jenny will work on her book entitled Stop Saving the Planet!: A 12-Step Guide for 21st-Century Environmentalists which identifies how “save the planet” environmentalism has too often been trickle-down environmentalism and calls for more robust, equitable solutions.
March 2017

Alyson Mead, Author, Screenwriter, Playwright
Alyson will work on a play about science fiction writer Octavia Butler.
April 2017

Stephanie A. Shields, Departments of Psychology & Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Penn State University
Stephanie will work on “Gender and the Politics of Emotion in Everyday Life: Authenticity, Legitimacy, and Social Appropriateness.”
April 2017

Jessica Tyner Mehta, Writer and Poet
Jessica will work on her collection of poetry, “Savage” centered around prison love letters.
August 2017

Katherine McNamarra, Writer
Katherine will be writing “War on the Yukon,” an essential chapter from Orphans and Strangers, a memoir in progress about the author’s surrogate mother “Malfa Ivanov,” well-respected Native Alaskan educator and businesswoman.
September 2017

Lee Ann Roripaugh, Poet Laureate of South Dakota
Lee Ann’s book of poems Tsunami vs. The Fukushima 50 emerged in response to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake/tsunami and subsequent Fukushima disaster in Japan.
July 2017


Stacy Elliott, Screenwriter
Stacy will create a feature-length screen play based on the life of Martha Graham, exploring the entwined triumverate of life, love and work of a complex, complicated woman.
June 2017

Linda Dittmar, Writer
Linda will work on her book “Tracing Homelands; A Memoir of Israel’s Becoming” which concerns Israel’s war of 1948 and its aftermath for the Palestinians who were expelled.

JoMarie Burt, Writer
JoMarie will be working on a book about the motivations and experiences of the women at the forefront of the justice revolution in Guatemala, who are challenging impunity by pushing for war crimes prosecutions.

Susan Morgan, Writer
Susan will write about Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant who purchased a semi-derelict adobe in Tesuque, and wrote about her experience restoring the property, creating a home, and developing profound relationships within a new landscape and culture.