WISC and ACLS/Mellon Scholars in Society Fellows discuss their project

Dr. Kimberly Gauderman
Anna Cabot
Natalie Hansen
Dr. Elizabeth Hutchison
Maria Baldini Potermin
M. Gabriela Torres

“Practicing Asylum” is an interdisciplinary, scholarly, and practical guide to expert witness testimony. As the scale and severity of violence in Latin America, and Central America in particular, has grown in the last decade, scholars and lawyers have collaborated to defend the due process rights of women, children, and LGBTQ persons who have experienced domestic, sexual and gang violence in their home countries to claim protection through the US immigration system. This volume brings together contributions from experienced expert witnesses, asylum attorneys, and immigration rights advocates to provide direct, practical guidance for current and prospective expert witnesses and their attorney colleagues, thereby disseminating best practices and facilitating the expansion of academics ready and willing to provide expert testimony for asylum cases.