Camille Lopez-Ambrosiointern at the Getty Conservation Institute and a UCLA student recently explored the Acequia Madre House photography collection. The project focuses on churches of New Mexico over time, and uses the stunning photography of the Fényes-Curtin-Paloheimo Collection. The Acequia Madre House is proud to partner with the Getty Conservation Institute and Terra 2022 to celebrate earthen architecture.

“In New Mexico, the women of the Acequia Madre House took many pictures of the historical churches that were constructed during the missionary period. These pictures give us insight into the state of the churches in the 1920’s, when churches were in the midst of debates between preservation or renovation of the traditional Spanish-colonial style.”

“Mission churches play a complex role in the environment of New Mexico, both socially and literally. As a product of the natural environment and religious state, the adobe walls of the church contain the core of Spanish colonial history and uphold reminders of the land and lives overtaken by the process of colonialism.” – Camille Lopez-Ambrosio

>> Historic Adobe Churches of New Mexico
An ARC GIS Project with Getty and Acequia Madre House



About Camille Lopez-Ambrosio

Camille Lopez-Ambrosio is a third year student at UCLA studying Anthropology and Classics.




Getty LogoFor her Getty Marrow Undergraduate Internship, she worked at the Getty Conservation Institute in the Buildings and Sites department under Leslie Rainer and Elizabeth Levine. She currently works at the Fowler at UCLA and UCLA Athletics. She is also a part of the 2020 Mellon Opportunity for Diversity in Conservation cohort.


Terra 2020 Santa Fe, New Mexico - Women's International Study Center

For her internship, she worked on funding research and community outreach projects for the Terra 2022 World Congress on Earthen Architectural Heritage. After completing undergrad, she plans to gain practical experience in various fields surrounding anthropology and conservation before attending graduate school.