Martha Traer

December, 2020

Martha Traer is a documentary film maker and story teller. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelors in Film Production, Martha found herself immersed in documenting and sharing the stories of Artists, Activists, Musicians and Non-profits. Her work has been featured in Bold Italic, Hi-Fructose and Juxtapoz. Her documentary [ Freespace ], was shown around the world and was influential in bringing a group of San Francisco Activists to the White House.

Simultaneously, she has worked in Galleries, promoting artists in the Art World. After 9 years in the city she took a leap and adventured to the higher grounds of Santa Fe, NM. In this move she became the Director of a gallery on Canyon Road and was able to reevaluate the subject matter she was pursuing as a visual storyteller. Since landing in Santa Fe, she has shifted her lens towards the empowerment of women. Lending her talents to lifting up, giving a platform to and championing female identifying voices.

Change happens when people listen and then start a dialogue, when people dare to think unconventionally.

Unconventional is a podcast, highlighting, empowering and celebrating women. With “women in action” as its tagline, “Unconventional” provides its listeners with insightful conversations with women working across a multitude of disciplines. The phenomenal individuals featured on this podcast are redefining and shining new light on what it looks like to live, work and engage with the cultures, societies and movements around them. It is the hope that these candid conversations will unite and inspire women to take action in their own lives. In each episode we will be asking our interviewees to help provide real world ways that our listeners can get involved and share their own strength and authentic selves.

It is critical that we use our voices to share our stories. As society changes, as the world changes, we find strength and inspiration in shared stories. Through spoken words there is opportunity to grow a movement, recognize shared experiences and inspire action. As Michelle Obama says, “There is power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, using your authentic voice”.