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Acequia Madre House

The Leonora Paloheimo

Watercolor Collection

June 1, 2020

Leonora Paloheimo painted throughout her life. The Acequia Madre House® Collections contain over 250 of her landscapes, still lifes, and even a few portraits. This preview of her watercolor paintings celebrates these pursuits.

A World at Home

Acequia Madre House

Explore the history of the Acequia Madre House and its creators, Eva Scott Fényes (1849-1930), her daughter Leonora Scott Muse Curtin (1879-1972), and her granddaughter Leonora Frances Curtin Paloheimo (1903-1999). Take a travel through time in our virtual exhibit including through the stories, photographs, artwork, and ephemera from the Official Acequia Madre™ House Archives.

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