latin american women’s leadership luncheon 

Join CIR on Friday, May 24th for a fascinating luncheon event featuring a panel discussion among Latin American and local women leaders.

WHEN: Friday, May 24th. 11:30am-1:30pm

WHERE: Santa Fe Woman’s Club. 1616 Old Pecos Trail

WHO: 12 Latin American Leaders plus a Panel of Santa Féans, including Allegra Love (DREAMERS Project), Judy Williams (League of Women Voters), Linda Serrato (EMERGE NM), and several others TBD.

TICKETS are $30 for CIR members or $50 for 2. Tickets are $35 for nonmembers or $62.50 for 2. Available below. Lunch will be a Latin American set of dishes catered by La Fogata Grill.

On May 24th, we’ll welcome 12 outstanding women to Santa Fe, here in the United States through the International Visitor Leadership Program under the thematic of Women as Drivers of Social & Economic Change. During their time in the United States, they’ll explore:

  • an understanding of the contributions of women to the social and economic advancement of communities and society at large through their leadership in gender, youth, family, and broader social issues;
  • the role of women leaders in public service, civil society, politics, government, community organizations, and the private sector in promoting policies, initiatives, and programs that address social concerns and community needs; 
  • women‑led efforts that have generated positive change in education, health care, child care, nutrition, public safety, the environment, and other areas that contribute to the wellbeing of men, women, children, and families; and
  • trends in leadership training, public‑private partnerships, social entrepreneurship, corporate initiatives, and other mechanisms through which women are empowered and encouraged promote and effect social change.

These leaders include:

  • A lawyer and civil rights activist from Bolivia.
  • A national government advisor at the Secretariat of State for Economic Development, Science, Technology, and Higher Education from Brazil.
  • A professor and former Undersecretary of Economy from Chile.
  • A lauded Afro-Colombian community leader and grassroots activist from Colombia.
  • The Director for International Relations at the Ecuadorian Institute for Intellectual Property from Ecuador.
  • The President of the Board of Directors of an NGO supporting self-sustainability of indigenous communities in Guatemala.
  • A former public ministry prosecutor who works for the Honduran National Congress in Honduras.
  • The finance director for Oaxacanita Chocolate, providing opportunities for indigenous communities of the Mixteca region in Mexico.
  • The coordinator for the Organizacion de Mujeres Afrodecendiente, which works to protect the rights of Afro‑descendent and indigenous women along the Caribbean Coast from Nicaragua.
  • The creator of Waiku, a space for education through workshops for children and youth in different areas of arts and design to boost their confidence and to encourage them to continue studying from Nicaragua.
  • A psychologist who works with women living in marginalized communities with high levels of poverty in Panama.
  • The Program Coordinator of International Cooperation at the Ministry of Education and Culture in Uruguay.

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